serving with love

We are a group of people united in the passion to help those in need. We are guided by our creator and scriptures to serve real clean food. We wish to be the positive light in the most vulnerable needs of our country. We are here to feed and help anyone in need. We wish to be the family of the lost and forgotten. To provide love, meals, rehabilitation, coaching, better health care and housing and work for the homeless and addicted so they may have a chance to live a normal life with freedom.

We have an increasing amount of people in need moving to the streets. Many more are on the edge just struggling to keep their families fed. Government run food banks are failing to meet everyone’s needs sometimes a person in need doesn’t have the ID or bank account proof they need help. Many who donate to the Food Bank didn’t realize restrictions would be put on the donations and often food is wasted/spoils while some are turned away. We work independently and place no restrictions or barriers on those asking for help. With current government on money printing and spending spree inflation is at record highs. Money is being spent on everything but the growing homeless and addiction rates in this country.

Our mission is to fix the destruction. We must grow past our current means and methods to fix this runaway train. Food shortages are being created when you combine that with massive inflation there is a real problem ahead. Growing a massive amount of food to keep everyone fed is an urgent goal we all must share. We want to raise enough to buy the farms so we can grow and keep people in need fed forever and free. We will be sharing all of our ideas here so that others can do the same work as us anywhere. We have some amazing skills and information to share with those wanting to help others too.